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Impact Board

Impact Boards

Impact board is a type of plasterboard that features a unique core structure with a heavier paper liner. This makes it much stronger and tougher than regular plasterboard solutions, making it ideal for high traffic areas where walls can be subject to impact.

The applications of impact board

Impact board is suitable for both commercial and residential applications. It is a tougher and stronger alternative to plasterboard that is more durable in high traffic areas where walls are likely to be banged and knocked – hence the name.

It can be found in a broad range of commercial environments, including schools, universities, hospitals and care homes, retail shops and shopping centres, and transport hubs such as airport and train stations. In residential areas, impact board is most likely to be found in hallways, garages and games rooms.

Features and benefits

  • Designed for high impact areas
  • High resistance to soft body contact
  • Reduced indentations from hard body impact
  • Equivalent acoustic performance to BGC Soundboard
  • Stronger than 13mm plasterboard
  • Same installation method as standard plasterboard
  • Easy to join and finish
  • Easy to repair

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