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Ceiling Panels or Tiles

At WA Direct Plasterboard, we stock and supply a large range of ceiling panels. As an AMF Distributor in Perth, we have access to the largest panel selection in the state. Most of our panels are mineral fibre, but we also stock standard paper-faced plaster options.

Ceiling panels have a large commercial application; they can be used in a wide range of scenarios that include noisy office buildings and classrooms to decrease sounds, and medical situations where hygiene and noise are taken into consideration.

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Commercial ceiling panels

Commercial ceiling panels are standard 10-15mm in thickness and offer less noise absorption than other panels. Often used in large commercial offices using a grid system, they are made from mineral fibre from brands such as AMF, USG and Armstrong – although paper faced plaster panels are also available.

Acoustic ceiling systems

The AMF Thermatex Acoustic Range offers sound absorption, insulation and reflection all in one product. With exceptional acoustic performance, it absorbs sounds while having an excellent sound attenuation. It has high light reflectance and humidity resistance with a 30-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. It can be exposed, fully concealed or semi-concealed in a shadow line or top hat system.

Applications include classrooms, commercial offices and public buildings.

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Medical ceiling systems

The AMF Thermatex Medical Range is not only made to strict hygiene requirements but has superior fire protection and acoustic properties, including sound attenuation and noise reduction. It has paint-sealed edges and can be either washed or scrubbed – it’s also recyclable and biodegradable. Suitable for PC1 and PC2 laboratories.

This range is suitable for a variety of applications in the medical field including intensive care, laboratories, consultation room, showers, kitchens, foyers, offices and corridors.

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Sonic systems

AMF Sonic systems come in Thermatex Sonic Element, Sonic Modern and Sonic Sky. These panels are designed to offer targeted absorption of sound while optimising space. Often suspended with visible stainless steel wires, they give a modern and practical yet elegant solution to spaces.

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Heradesign panels are a specialised acoustic solution that reduces background noise and reverberation within a room space. Made with wood fibres, they can be tailored to suit a huge range of designs, colours and sizes. These panels are also impact-resistant and feature superior noise reduction properties. On top of all that, there’s a 30-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Heradesign panels are suitable anywhere that requires acoustic attention. It is particularly suited to schools, sporting centres and office buildings due to inherent sound absorption and rigidity of the panels.

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