Insulation Batts and Rolls

High-quality insulation batts in


fibreglass batts


At WA Direct Plasterboard, we’re passionate about insulation. As the cost of living continues to increase throughout Perth, it’s important to take any precautions you can to save on energy bills. Insulation allows you to do that all year – keeping the heat out during the summer and in through the winter.

Take a look at the brands of insulation batts and rolls we supply below.


Knauf is the market leader in the insulation industry, offering a whole host of reliable, high-quality batts and rolls for all of your insulation needs. Founded by brothers Alfons and Karl Knauf in 1932, they’re dedicated to providing the most innovative products at the most competitive prices.


Kingspan has a proven track record for delivering superior quality and performance from their excellent range of insulation products. With a passion for thermal innovation, they strive to offer the world the most flexible, ultra-thin products possible.


If you’re looking for quality-assured insulation products, look no further than Fletcher Insulation. They offer an excellent range of high-quality batts and rolls for residences and businesses across the country, and we’re bringing that technology right to you in Perth.

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